Welcome to Socialish

A Community for Personal Transformation

Why Join Social(ish)?

Imagine yourself a year from now.

 Who do YOU want to be?
Why go there alone when you can travel your journey with others?

What is Social(ish)?

Social(ish) is a community for people who sometimes feel social(ish), and sometimes not so much, to learn and discover who they are and take steps toward creating lives they love. 

In this community, you'll...

  • Learn to thrive as you discover the layers of your best qualities.
  • Learn skills to help you achieve your goals with the support of subject matter experts.
In essence, you'll build your bridge as you walk on it.

"This was a very helpful check-in on where I am and where I want to be. It gave me insight as to how I can use different tools to achieve a new happiness set point. - Jude G, Winnipeg, MB

Why now?

We are living in a time of immense, fast-paced change at a societal and individual level. It's challenging us mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially

We're isolated, tired, depressed, and anxious. We're being asked to pivot on a daily basis but don't always have the resources and support to do that. 

But with great change comes opportunity. We can embrace the times we're in and find the silver linings if we have the tools and support to help us get there. 

Social(ish) offers a place to connect with others as you create your own transformation with the support of topic experts. And a place where you can be accepted and supported on the days when you are not feeling quite as social(ish). You'll support and cheer each other on as you learn to use new tools and develop skills to increase your mental fitness and move toward your goals. 

The programs and content in Social(ish) help you discover who you are, gain clarity on your passions, goals, and strengths to create your own life roadmap, find your compass, so you can embrace each part of your journey, whatever it may bring. 

“I am now a believer. I was slow starting the signature strengths 7-day challenge due to a ridiculous number of work and volunteer priorities all hitting at the same time. But then I got started and had numerous "aha" moments as I was more present in the "gifts" of Beauty and Excellence that were happening all around me. There is a right time and a right place for everything. This is the time. Thank-you Susan!” – Leanne F, Kenora ON

Who is Social(ish) for? 

Social(ish) is for you if...

  • You've been feeling lonely and isolated.
  • You find yourself struggling with low energy, anxious feelings, or stress.
  • You are interested in learning more about increasing mental fitness and personal growth.
  • You want clarity on your strengths, and talents so you can focus your energy on creating a life you love.
  • You want to do all of this but you don't always feel Socialish. There are times when you want to share this part of your journey with others who are on the same path but times when you don't. You want a place where you can be accepted for who you are

"Working with Susan has opened my eyes to a new me. Learning to see my life in way I want it to be and working towards that goal has given me a new happiness. I enjoy every minute of introspection and self-actualization. Thank-you!" – V.S.U., Winnipeg, MB

Member Benefits

  • Free to Join - as a Founding Member. There will be tons of free content available in the main lobby. 
  • Members Café - open conversations where you can connect with others. 
  • Topic Talks - webinars, discussions, and Q&As with subject matter experts to help you move forward.
  • Self-paced Programs  - so you can go at your own pace according to your schedule.
  • Activity-based Challenges - to give you a burst of energy or fun short-term focus. 
  • Group Programs - when you want to move through your transformation with your peers.
  • One-on-One Coaching - when you want to take deeper dive or a short sprint, coaching sessions are available with certified professionals. 
  • Ask Me Anything - where you can ask questions with our team of experts.
  • Personalized Dashboard - to keep you on track and help you keep it all in one place as you learn, develop, and discover.  
  • Privacy - Social(ish) is hosted in Mighty Network, a private community web platform and mobile app that's fun to use and customizable to your interests (this is not another Facebook group!). You control your feed and what you want to see. 

Examples of programs:

  • 7 Day Happiness Booster - increase your happiness and guard against depression (June 2021)
  • Becoming Social(ish) - overcome barriers, develop skills for social confidence
  • Mindfulness-based Strengths Practice - learn mindfulness skills with a focus on your strengths 
  • My Life Reboot - relaunch your life
  • Big Juicy Goals - set and meet one big awesome goal
  • Vitality Challenge - out back the playtime in your fitness routine

“Susan is an excellent facilitator of The Passion Test. She asked just the right questions, challenged my thinking when necessary and overall helped me with crystal clarity on the top passions in my life. Susan clearly has the passion and confidence required to assist others in a lasting and meaningful way – I recommend her highly.” – Lisa B, Toronto, ON